on being a morning person.

there's a certain vulnerability that's only felt early in the morning. and i don't like it. 

it's like no matter what, i feel like there's no way i can accomplish the things i want to accomplish (usually these 'things' include getting out of bed & getting dressed in order to get to work on time).

if i write early in the morning - like i've been trying to do lately - the whole time i'm writing, it feels inadequate. it is only when i re-read it later in the day, that i realize, hey, this is what i was trying to say... this actually makes sense

but, early in the morning, before that requisite cup of coffee... before even 100 paces have been walked... there's a little cloud, taking up residence right above my head, no matter the weather outside. 

will i ever be a morning person? as of now, all signs point to no.

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Morgan Stone said…
I love this because I can TOTALLY relate! Thanks for stopping by my blog btw. I am now following you via GFC! Have a lovely day :) xoxo, morgan
Jayme and Mendi said…
Too funny! I long to be a morning person but sadly I will never be. Dang!!

Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings
I'm not a morning person either but I feel the need to get things done during that time, otherwise the rest of the day just goes by so quickly! Thanks for coming by my blog earlier and for your lovely comment- following you now on GFC. Have a great Monday! x
Jennifer said…
I used to be a morning person and I'm not sure when or why it changed but I kind of miss it.
Val Fox said…
I'm not a morning person either! The biggest thing I miss about pre-baby life is waking up when I wanted to!
Jenna said…
Haha! I can totally sympathize with this post. My main thought when I wake up is generally, "OMG can I take a nap today??? When, when?!"

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