love lists: march.

as march comes to a close, 
i thought i'd share with you
the things i've loved during
this third month of two thousand twelve...

1. drinking lots of water.
my 33-ounce water bottle rarely leaves my side. i fill it up once in the morning & once at lunch. i'll usually have a smaller water bottle or some green tea at dinner.

2. aveeno active naturals continuous protection sunblock lotion, spf 30, for the face.
i have to admit it: i wasn't big on sunscreen usage until this month. but, ever since i've been slathering it on each morning before applying makeup, i've felt so much better about my skin. and i may even be seeing noticeable results already. protect your skin, people. it's important.

3. profusion colour me glow 12-shades eyeshadow palette.
i wasn't going to buy this. really, i wasn't. but that 99-cent price tag was just staring me in the face. taunting me, perhaps. but definitely tempting me. as a person who loves both drugstore & high-end makeup alike, i was over the moon impressed with the rich, creamy, pigmented quality of these shimmery shadows. it is - if anything - worth shelling out the 99 cents.

4. our t.v. lineup.
before moving to kinston, my t.v. habits would best be described as spotty. my mom & i often watched the big bang theory, what not to wear, or almost anything on HGTV together while eating dinner. but really, that was it. now in my first live-in experience with a DV-R, a new habit has formed, in the way of a weekly t.v. viewing schedule. justin & i come home, eat dinner, then plop on the couch about two-to-three days per week currently. what are we watching? american idol, swamp people, how i met your mother, pawn stars, and we were watching jersey shore, until the season ended. another pseudo-guilty pleasure? the food network. somedays, after the gym, i'll come home, change into pajamas, & sit transfixed as paula deen whips something up in the kitchen. some may argue that watching t.v. is a bad habit, but as for now, i beg to differ. with our handy DV-R, we are watching things a lot faster, which means we're not spending as much time in front of the tube as you think.

5. mac mineralize skin finish natural, in the shade medium.
no doubt a cult favorite in the beauty world, this powder has now been officially re-purchased by yours truly. i experienced my first msf about a year & a half ago. and now, with it finally in my possession again, i have no idea why i waited so long to re-order it. it's matte, lovely, & warms up my skin. i'm glad i went with medium, even though i have a relatively light skin tone.

6. bath & body works sensual amber body lotion.
a huge thank you goes out to miss katie kelley for introducing me to this scent. i apply this after almost every single shower. it smells divine. it really does. 

7. bath & body works black currant vanilla aromatherapy hand soap.
bath & body works is going to bankrupt me. justin chose this scent, & it is - by far - one of the best hand soaps i've ever used. sometimes i wash my hands just to smell it. it's that good. thank you for having a keen eye (errrr... nose?) for scents, justin.

8. elf blush combo: candid coral & pink passion.
self-explanatory. elf continues to impress me. these shades are a perfect, glowy combo for spring time.

9. draw something.
just when you thought you were done downloading apps, they went & did it again. my addiction can't be helped. username: siddathornton. let's draw!

10. c.o. bigelow apple rose salve.
how this has avoided making its way onto these lists so far, i have no idea. i put this on my lips (and sometimes my elbows) every night before bed. it does the job, lasts forever (i've had my tin almost a year & still haven't hit pan), & smells delicious.

into watching vlogs?
check out my corresponding march favorites video here, or simply click below to watch!

the still-frames continue to impress...


Sam | ashore said…
I am a huge fan of video blogs - despite me never being able to get over the awkwardness of making my own. I love seeing people look like in (nearly) three-dimensions.

the last line "the still frames continue to impress" made me literally laugh-out-loud. Oh, for the love of one liners.

and I think I'm finally convinced on the MAC mineralize. It's happening.
Anonymous said…
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