friday's fancies #25: justin's rainy day picks.

as i sat down to pull together my friday's fancies post for this week, justin surprised me by asking if he could follow the theme & come up with an outfit to feature. of course i said yes. how could i resist? i'm pleasantly surprised by what he chose.

here's a little secret about me: i love the rain. always have. it's a little bit of excitement - a little change - a little spark - in the weather world. and - above all - it is peaceful. some of my best sleep has been derived from a rainy afternoon, a stormy night.

so when {av} announced this week's friday's fancies theme over on {long distance loving}, i was instantly smitten. here's to plaid umbrellas, sweet galoshes, & trench coats to keep the april chill away.

i can't remember the exact day i began dreaming of burberry umbrellas (and well, basically anything burberry), but i know it was a long time ago. i feel i'd have to exercise major self control not to carry this burberry trafalgar packable check umbrella, even if the sun were shining. the trench coat justin chose, this g-star raw lara, is both functional & elegant, which contrasts nicely with the edgy hunter brixon lace up boots in green that he picked out. there's something about the juxtaposition of that combo & the diamond earrings that i really love. the casual items - the reluxe vintage silk scarf, the etoile isabel marant itzel blue jeans, & the marc by marc jacobs bag - keep the outfit low-key enough for an afternoon jaunt to the local coffee shop. 

all in all, i think justin's choices were inspired.

would you let your significant other put your outfit together for you?

link-up: friday's fancies on {long distance loving}


I picked the same umbrella (great taste, Justin hehe!). And I also love the rain, too! Maybe because we don't get much of it in LA.
Stephanie said…
Great job Justin! Love the outfit!
Angela said…
Good job! I love the red purse! :)

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Hannah said…
Way to go, Justin! This is a wonderful outfit that has been put together. Love the Burberry umbrella, always a classic. Glad to be a new follower!
Morgan Stone said…
I'm super impressed that Justin did this! It's a lovely ensemble! xoxo, morgan
Those hunters are awesome! Have a good weekend!
DJ said…
he's a keeper!
Amanda said…
Justin did such a good job - adorable outfit!
Nikell said…
I totally agree with you on the rain thing! I love rainy afternoons. There's nothing like sitting in my living room, rocking in our big arm chair, with a cup of hot tea, and a good book on my it.

Fab outfit too (^_^)

Have a fabulous weekend,
Natalie said…
So classy! Love everything you've put together!
If money was no object, I would def buy all of these! Love the vintage scarf! Happy Weekend!
so anthro said…
Love everything here!! That scarf is just the perfect touch!
Nicole Rene said…
I love this look you put together! That's an especially cute jacket!!! :)

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