Sunday, March 25, 2012

starbucks sunday: currents.

on this starbucks sunday morning, justin & i found ourselves in the port city of wilmington. and as we set out on the road to tour places like southport & wrightsville beach, we knew where our first stop had to be - starbucks. with a tall iced nonfat two splenda latte, a peppermint mocha frappuccino, a cinnamon swirl coffee cake, & a blueberry scone in hand, we were ready to tackle all the fun to be had today.


reading april magazines. i really need to finish them (as well as the march ones... eek!) before may arrives. my magazines of choice? real simple & in style.

writing wedding to do lists. i may bite my tongue for saying this, but things don't feel too stressful. i know what i need to do, & i simply want to do it. i'm enjoying planning the little details & can't wait to see them all come together.

listening... well, we were listening to the BEST radio station EVER during our wilmington weekend. if any wilmington natives happen to be reading this, it is 102.7 - and they were playing the best of the eighties & nineties. it's like they knew we were going on a road trip this weekend, & supplied the best tunes they could come up with. it's like i told justin - 'i think someone wanted me to have a good weekend.' unfortunately, the station is just barely out of reach in kinston - as we passed into lenoir county, that's when we started getting static.

thinking wilmington, southport, & wrightsville beach are my new favorite places. i can't wait to go back... & i want to take some friends & family with us! i got some great shots on my phone as we marveled at our surroundings... i'll be sure to share them in the coming weeks.

smelling like it's time for a shower. we've been running around all day, sticking our toes in the freezing atlantic ocean. i'm ready to freshen up before dinner.

wishing for rain on this dreary sunday evening. justin & i plan to have an evening of yummy dinner & the girl with the dragon tattoo from red box. rain would just make it even better!

hoping to do some shopping in the near future. i want to take a trip to greenville to check out this really cute shopping center i saw for the first time during our last visit over there.

wearing my feather dress, a navy cardigan with brass buttons, & a big, chunky orange-beaded necklace. and a top knot, of course.

loving my life. justin & i were talking on the drive home this afternoon about how grateful we are for all of the opportunities & support we are lucky enough to be blessed with. we are so happy. thank you.

wanting to wrap this post up & take a shower! can you tell i'm ready for that?

needing to really get after it in the gym this week - that definitely needs to be a priority.

we were so happy to be able to hang out with our friends alex & ashley this weekend! it was great to see them & go out on the town. the food was lovely, as were the drinks & company.

photo: wrightsville beach, taken with iphone


Unknown said...

You can take the rain from here! It's monsooning right now, and it being California and all, means that my street is completely flooded :/

Sounds like you have a nice weekend! Hope you have a fabulous week as well my dear :)


Dee {Strings and Buttons} said...

Seems you had a great time! What did you think of the Girl with The Dragon Tattoo? Have a great Monday! x

Jenna @ said...

I am the WORST magazine reader ever. I literally have a stack of Vogues from September 2011 that I still have to read...I end up just flipping through them for the pictures/advertisements and occasionally an article will catch my eye.

Amanda English said...

Wilmington... Sigh... We make it there a few times a year in the summer. Can't wait to see some of your pix! xoxo A-

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