the trek to kinston.

the morning after our engagement party, we woke to a breakfast of coffee, 
snickerdoodle cake, & living room conversation. it was moving day.

with visions of the previous night's fete fresh in my mind, as well as a series of teary-eyed goodbyes, i climbed into the passenger's seat of the 4runner & prepared myself for the 17-hour trip that lay before us.

highlights of the trip included five guys burgers, beautiful scenery, sentimental 
mix tape cds from years past, & a stay in our beloved greenville, south carolina.

and while the stretch on i85 between charlotte & raleigh was blustery & 
seemingly interminable, we finally pulled up at RDU to retrieve justin's tahoe.

a hop, skip, & rural jump later, we were pulling into kinston & having dinner at east coast wings.

if only my bags could unpack themselves... my belongings have exploded all over our apartment.

here's to new beginnings & the promise of adventure!

photos: iphone


Stephanie said…
I feel you on the unpacking!!! We still haven't completely unpacked everything from our move in January. Love your pictures!
Melissa said…
When I go to Five Guys for lunch, I'm totally blaming it on this blog post. :) xoxo!
Jenna said…
What an awesome way to trace your journey, Lauren! Loved these pictures of the cities you passed along the way!! I want to see pics of your new place! (Sorry if that came off as totally creepy!)

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