starbucks sunday: the stacks + award.

when i went to visit kara at millsaps in jackson, she pretty much gave me the grand tour. 

and this is where i'm walking when i call you every day, she'd say, pointing to a brick staircase set in greenery. i loved seeing all the places that come together to equal out into a typical day for her, but my favorite place on campus - by far - was the stacks. 

after ascending a rickety metal staircase, you are transported into a world where walls are made of books & there are lights - windows - at the end of every tunnel.

it's true - i do this every time i'm in the presence of a multitude of books - i try to fathom how many volumes - how many words - how very many letters are floating in the air around me. 

this admittedly eerie, though undoubtedly charming, little space left me with the desire to make another trip to jackson - its sole purpose being for me to sit in the stacks & take in as many of those volumes - words - letters, as possible.


on a non-book-related note, i am so honored to relate to you that i have been presented with the liebster blog award, twice over - many months ago via memory, & just last week via julia. thank you, girls, so much for such an honor & compliment. 

and now, in keeping with the receipt of this award, i will list ten of my favorite blogs to honor with this award. check them all out if you know what's good for you. you won't be sorry. 

1. melissa, from 53 blonde.
2. sam, from ashore.
4. laura, from buy now, blog later.
5. bethany, from rinse. repeat.
6. lindsey, from focused linz.
7. daci, from just dandy.
8. jenna, from leggings love.
9. alison, from {long distance loving}.
10. annie, from annie's musings.

much love to all!

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Melissa said…
Eeeeeek, thank you! I am so excited :) <3
DJ said…
Aww, thanks Lauren!!

I love your thought about recognizing how many words and letters are all around us. I'm going to have to stop and think about that the next time I'm in a library or bookstore. That sounds a lot more uplifting than the similar feeling I get when I'm at an antique store or estate sale and start to think about how much JUNK exists in the world. This happens every time, and for some reason it makes me really sad.
Annie said…
ahh. thank you, Lauren! I'm so honored!

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