the art of writing a thank you note.

when getting married, you are more than likely going to receive some gifts.

as it happens, our family & loved ones have spoiled us silly & thrown three showers for us. view them here, here, & here. showers translate into gifts, which - in my opinion - should translate into thank you notes. yes, of course, i always tell gift-givers thank you in person, but i feel that a thank you note conveys extra thought & extra gratitude. and i absolutely never want my gratitude to get lost in translation. 

luckily for me, i actually enjoy - and dare i say it, look forward to - writing thank you notes. chalk it up to my love of all things handwriting & penmanship related. chalk it up to my love of the act of writing, of stringing words together. either way, i love indulging in the art of writing thank you notes.

and here's a little trick i've picked up over the years: if you approach writing the notes as simply writing a letter to a loved one in which you mention a gift they've given you, things have a way of becoming much more natural. the note doesn't have to be the technical drivel that thank you notes have been reduced to in recent years [i.e., dear friend, thank you for the blender. i'm going to use it to blend things].

so i just let go & talk to my friend via ink & paper. and i always find that i'm actually having fun. and i hope that when they open up their mail box & see a letter from me, it brightens their day. because, really, who doesn't love receiving mail?

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Betsy said…
I love receiving mail! hehe :)

this is an excellent attitude. I went to a Bat Mitzvah the other week and received a thank-you card from the special girl FOUR DAYS LATER and I was so touched and impressed that I immediately called her mom to tell her that her daughter was amazing :)
Cards and letters are the very best!
ps. If I give someone a blender as a present, I sincerely hope they send me a card that says "Dear friend, Thank you for the blender. I'm going to use it to blend things." #perfection :)
ahhh thank you notes... my husband only write like 5 of them. ;) lol... PS - gave you a shout out today! xoxo
Melissa said…
I just love getting mail - so when it's something someone took time to write to me, it's even more special. Have fun writing! :)
Tina Byland said…
Thank You notes get a bad rap. They make me so happy because I get to extend the life of the "newness" of the gift just that much longer by writing the giftee a thank you letter. I love it!

(PS I hope you got everything you were hoping for!!!!)
I love thank you notes, and I really really hope that the art does not die out in place of being able to send a tweet or post on somebody's facebook wall - it's not the same!

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