wedding + honeymoon: the details.

i've found that it's easier for me to write about simple moments - i'm not especially good at covering the big stuff, because i get so overwhelemed about not leaving any details out of the mix. so, in order to kick off the coverage of my wedding here on siddathornton, [kind of like the list of little moments i didn't want to forget about my engagement], i figured i'd pen a little collection of unforgettables from my wedding & honeymoon...

piling into a truck full of flowers on the way to white castle.
the intimidating rack of tuxes we were faced with cramming into the already-full truck.
a wal-mart trip for teasing combs & wine glasses.
family billiards on thursday night.
watching bridesmaids, chugging a glass of airborne, & heart-to-heart-ing with anna claire.
frank sinatra in the dressing room.
words of encouragement from my dad as the gate opened & we walked.
seeing justin's big smile from the nottoway porch as my dad & i walked down the aisle.
kelsey catching the bouquet & not putting it down for the rest of the night.
the group of couples that danced to tiny dancer.
the early, early morning car-ride to the baton rouge airport with my parents.
justin reminding me 'we're married.'
laying around our hotel suite in beautiful portland, doing the usa today crossword together.
getting told we're pronouncing 'lob-stah' wrong.
getting told we're not dressed for the weather.
running through the houston airport & still missing our flight when returning from our new england honeymoon.
traipsing through the garden at norton art gallery that chilly october saturday.

and isn't it funny... all of these moments, this list i felt was getting too long for a blog post... they are just the tip of the iceberg - the batting of an eyelash - of this huge event in our lives. it is my hope to be able to put it down into words & pictures here, eventually, after lots of effort, thought, reflection, & time.


Jordan said…
It is those little things that make the big things so much more special. Congratulations!
Everything about this makes me smile. I dream about having a New Englang honeymoon one day. Be sure to post photos soon! :)
Ashley said…
I loved your list of little things. Those are the things to remember forever. Sometimes the big picture can be overwhelming. I get stuck on the details sometimes too, and then I can't write about the big picture without it being like 8 million words long. (:

Hope you enjoyed that lob-stah!
angie said…
it's the little things that make it all worth it and memorable! my wedding is in 4 weeks time now...eek...getting slightly nervous!
Mree said…
It's the little things in life that are the most memorable. Congratulations and Best Wishes!!
This post makes my heart so happy Lauren :) I love that you wrote down the little things. These are the things you'll want to remember forever, and what better way than to write them all down! I would love to see the pictures someday, but I also want to hear about your experiences, the ones like these. Thanks for sharing :)

Kate said…
Congratulations! I'm also linking up with Wedding Wednesday today. I love this list you made and it almost made me tear up a little...I can't wait to write a similar style list in just a little over a month!
Jess said…
Congratulations! What wonderful things to remember! Life is all about those little moments and I love your idea to document them! Excited to be a new follower and I look forward to reading about the BIG moments as well!
jennie said…
What a lovely list of memories!

Jennie xo |

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