'whipped cream' & reese's.

i've just gotten out of swimming lessons, & my body has that overly-tired, overly-hungry, but good feeling. my feet are squeaking, wet against the squishy plastic of my flip flops. i know that if i didn't have my shoes on, the black pavement would be burning my skin, & it would be un-ignorable. still, the shoes stab me between the big toe & the second one, & i can't wait until we get to the car.

we get to the car. when i open the passenger side door, immediately i am overwhelmed by the smell of worn leather. the good kind of worn, that lets you know many people have sat in this car, maybe for a road trip or maybe just for a short ride home after swimming lessons.

he turns the key in the ignition, & the engine roars to life. he looks over at me & smiles, asks me if i want a reese's peanut butter cup as he grabs one for himself. i always say yes.

we take off down the road, toward the future i guess, as 'whipped cream' starts to play through the tape deck.

and even though i am little, i can tell that this is always, always how i will remember my grandfather.

photo: tape \ instagram


Ivana said…
What a beautiful memory, Lauren! You have such an amazing writing!

xx Ivana
Macarons and Pearls
alicia said…
beautiful memory and post. thank you for sharing!

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