leaving for nottoway.

today, my mom, dad, sister, & i are packing up the truck with things like a huge box of flowers from our florist, an entire sound system, a wedding gown, & twelve black tuxes.

then we're going to pile in & drive south until we get to the exit.

then we're going to drive through a cute little town called plaquemine. and after those nearly-20 beautiful miles, we're going to turn left at the sign that lets us know we've arrived.

and then, we'll finally, finally be at nottoway... for the WEDDING! we plan to sip wine & sit on the porch of our cottage this evening, after a guided tour through the house & indulging in the delectable bread pudding.

and tomorrow, i'll rise early to go for a run on the levee, overlooking the mississippi, before all the festivities begin to unfold.

justin will be traveling from north carolina to our hometown today, so as we get settled in to white castle, i'll be wishing him safe travels & trying to contain my excitement over seeing him tomorrow after 3 months apart.

so, here goes nothin'...

photos: wedding week preparations \ instagram


Have a safe trip, sweet girl! Prayers for the most wonderful next few days for you and your honey!! xox
Stephanie said…
Enjoy this time!!! You guys will create beautiful memories!!!
Ashley said…
How exciting... you're in the home stretch now. (: Can't wait to hear all about your big day.
Betsy said…
eee! so exciting - such an amazing moment to be held in. love to you and justin and your families!
Congrats girl! Enjoy this time. It's super exciting. I can't wait to hear about it and see all your pretty pics.
Rima said…
Enjoy this awesome time! Yay! so happy for you :)

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