the sunday currently, i'm married edition. [volume 5].

i can't even begin to tell you how happy i am to be posting a sunday currently post today! as you will be able to read later this week [and, i'm sure, for a couple of weeks to come], i have had such a whirlwind, lovely couple of weeks of wedding festivities.
but now, justin is jetting toward north carolina, & i am sitting in the kitchen in pajamas, coffee by my side, inspired & ready to write a post [or two].
if you're anxious for wedding coverage, please head over to lindsey's blog. she took some gorgeous photos at nottoway, & i think you'll enjoy browsing them.
as you'll also be able to read later this week, my little wedding-&-honeymoon-induced blogging break has really shed some light on my passion for this community. so just know, i am so happy to be here, writing, reading, & sharing with you all.
happy sunday!

reading the happiness project, by gretchen rubin. i know, i know... i've been reading this particular pick for weeks upon weeks. i really do love it, though. every time i pick up my nook, i end up highlighting more & more. now that i'll have some more free time, i'm sure to speed through the rest of it. and hopefully next, i'll be picking up stacy london's new book, the truth about style.
writing a new list of pending thank you notes! i'm proud to say, i've really kept up with them. i have a post coming soon about why i think they're important, as well as my method when i sit down to pen them. i've also been writing in a newlywed journal, detailing the beginning of our marriage [which i'm really excited about - i plan to write about all of the events in our lives for the first year of our marriage].
listening to hgtv's love it or list it. i absolutely love this show. something funny is that my friend anna claire can't watch this show, because it stresses her out. she doesn't like how whiny the couples always are, as well as how rude they are. i find it funny. there really is conflict in every show.
thinking that tomorrow it's back on the diet & exercise train. as much as i've enjoyed the seemingly endless amount of fried seafood we enjoyed in new england, as well as all the desserts we indulged in, i'm ready to get healthy again. i think what i'm missing the most is a regular intake of water.
smelling the cup of freshly brewed keurig coffee sitting next to me. it's lovely.
wishing justin could have stayed in town longer, as well as had a longer break from work. he works hard every day, & i know he's tired after all the travel & festivities.
hoping to have a nice, productive two weeks in shreveport before i depart on a road trip toward wilmington, & most importantly, justin!
wearing pajamas that i found in a drawer at justin's mom's house. we were so tired last night, & he had to be at the airport bright & early this morning. so needless to say, i slept in after dropping him off & i definitely haven't changed or gotten ready for the day yet.
loving... well, my husband. because now i have a husband. will i ever get used to calling him that? i love that right now it feels new & exciting.
wanting water. h2o. hydration. i have not been drinking nearly enough. i hate feeling dehydrated.
needing... see above? i know, you get it, i need water. but seriously.
feeling happy. lucky. blessed. tired. excited. anxious. ready. inspired. i guess i could have just answered, 'a lot of things,' but it feels fun to just list it all out.
clicking... where do i even begin? i am so excited about all i have to catch up on in the blogging community, but especially here & here... & i plan to search for some new reads [i'm always looking to expand my already-massive google reader feed]. i'm also excited to hit up pinterest. and, of course, the sunday secrets. and, as mentioned before, i cannot stop clicking this post or this post from lindsey. i love re-living the moments!

photo: from our beautiful new england honeymoon \ instagram

what are you doing?


Betsy said…
YAY congratulations! you looked beautiful - yes, I went through every.single.picture that Lindsey posted! so much love for you both :)

looking forward to linking up next week!
Betsy said…
YAY congratulations! you looked beautiful - yes, I went through every.single.picture that Lindsey posted! so much love for you both :)

looking forward to linking up next week!
Anonymous said…
I need to start doing this every sunday with you!
I may have been at that same light house this past weekend. Which one was it?
Ashley said…
Your first married currently! ;) I couldn't get myself together enough this morning to actually write one... hopefully next week.

I peeked at your wedding photos just a bit ago, and congratulations... it looks like you had a beautiful day! You looked gorgeous in that dress... and your hair, I loved it.. I loved it all. (:
Congratulations Lauren!!!! I just snuck over to see the pictures, and you look absolutely stunning my dear. And so very happy! I hope you get to see your husband soon (and no, you won't get used to it. it will always been fun to say!).

Thanks for including me in your post too. You're too sweet ;)

Stephanie said…
Congratulations!!!! Can't wait to see/hear more about it. :)
jennie said…
Huge congratulations! <3

Jennie xo |
Jenna said…

Gosh this is what happens when I fall waaaaay behind on following blogs! Eeeesh!

Congratulations, Lauren!!!! I am SO excited to hear all about your big day and am totally heading over to that other blog to see photos :) Because I love weddings, am a total creep, and cannot wait to see what a beautiful bride you made!
Stephanie said…
I love that you are loving your husband!!!! Isn't it fun to get new titles? :)
AH!!! I can't wait for the wedding recap!! Hope the honeymoon was AMAZING! I am in love with that picture of the lighthouse, I LOVE lighthouses!
so anthro said…
Congratulations my dear!! Sounds like life is positively wonderful for you right now, so happy for you! xx
Just peeked at those pictures and oh my gosh girl, I seriously gasped. You looked absolutely gorgeous and radiant on your wedding day! It looked so incredible and special...congratulations!! xoxo

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