the sunday currently, volume 4.

reading nothing. yikes. i haven't even finished the happiness project. my nook has needed charging all week, & i just haven't done it. i guess my reading has really been pushed to the wayside, due to all the little last minute wedding planning details i've been grappling with. the good news is, a week from today, justin & i will be headed toward our east coast honeymoon, not a care in the wedding-planning world. so, long story short, my reading will soon return to its normal tempo. [as will the critique cache posts].
writing a to-do list i so aptly titled almost done. i know it sounds silly, but seeing that heading at the top of the paper really helps alleviate some of the stress i'm feeling. and the even better news? most items on the list are very simple - they just need to be done.
listening to the sound of cars outside, coupled with a few bird chirps. also, my dad working on some construction in the house. on a music front, anna claire & i listened to what is probably every great song that ever existed, as we made my reception playlist last night. we were overwhelemed. not to mention, the playlist is 9 hours long... the reception is 3. we have some cuts to make, & i have no idea how we're going to do it.
thinking that i can't wait for next weekend. we are less than a week from our wedding!
smelling the pumpkin spice coffee i'm currently sipping on. no, it's not from starbucks, it's of the keurig persuasion. and it is delicious.
wishing i knew how to deal with stress better than i do.
hoping for everything to come together, for safe travels for everyone in the coming weeks, & that it won't feel like a long week, before i get to see justin!
wearing a black millsaps t-shirt & some pink scrub pants. i'm about to get ready for the errands we have to run today, though.
loving that last night, i laid down on the dining room floor while we were making the reception playlist and declared, this is what i like to do on saturday nights.
wanting to have time for a run out in the cold air today.
needing lots & lots of photos to be taken next weekend. yes, we are obviously having a photographer at the wedding, but i really want lots of family & friends pictures taken - because those feel personal & candid. and i have a ton of talented people in my life that really know how to capture moments.
feeling a little bit tired - my sleep was a restless one last night. but also feeling happy.
clicking this henning love post about marriage. and this article that lindsey sent to me a while back, which is absolutely the most perfect thing for me to be reading with my wedding a little less than a week away. thank you, dear. and, on a slightly more shallow note, my the christy residence board on pinterest, where i've begun collecting inspiration & recipes for our home.
here's to the weekend before wedding weekend!

photo: coffee cup \ instagram

what are you doing?


Ashley said…
I'm not great with handling stress either, and planning a wedding can be very stressful. Just know that your guests will all be there to support you and your fiancé getting married, and they won't mind if you don't get every single thing checked off of your "almost done" list. (:

Off to read Meg's post about marriage...
Ashley said…
So glad I came to read your blog today since I've been loving this link up and wanted to join in :) Finally did! Have a good Sunday!
meghan said…
That's so exciting that you're getting married so so soon! Congratulations ahead of time. If you don't get every picture you want, I wouldn't worry a lot about it. I have to tell you that there are a lot of combinations that I didn't get and thought I would mind, but I just love looking at everything and don't even think about what is missing.

And I love your titling to do lists "almost done". It definitely would be uplifting mentally. I think I'll start doing that.

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