the details.

there are a few things i never want to forget about these first few days.
they are the tiniest details, but they hold tremendous weight.

my whole body shaking as i hugged justin & said yes.
how excited we were right after the fact.
kicking my tights-and-boots-feet back & forth in the freezing air
as we called our family & friends while sitting around the lady of the mist.
taking showers quickly so i can put my ring right back on.
my ring looking more and more beautiful to me every single day when i wake up.
an entire 24 hours of shock.
day two: not being able to take my eyes off my ring.
the 'let the planning begin' date with my mom.
just the unexplainable cloud of happiness
that's floating around me wherever i go.

i never want to forget how i feel right now.

* i'm still working on our engagement story. it's soon to come!


Jennifer said…
Next time you guys are in the car, if you're driving say to him "Is the car pulling a little to the left? If it is it's probably because my ring is so heavy!" I saw that on tv and thought it was so cute!
EEEEK! Well you did the perfect thing....documented it! :)
Amanda said…
Aww this is so adorable. I am so happy for you! Congrats you two! I'm looking forward to all of the wedding planning posts! =)
CONGRATS! I cant believe I missed your news yesterday. Thats so exciting!
You are so sweet!! Reading your post reminded me of the feeling I had right after we got engaged too! Every time i looked down at my left hand I could not believe I was wearing an engagement ring! You are glowing and I am so happy for you! Congratulations!! xoxo
Meagan Shack said…
Oh I love those first few days! I'm so stinkin' happy for you. Oh and the looking at the ring thing doesn't wear off. I still catch myself staring at it. Enjoy your planning and don't stress!
i love this. it makes me so happy because you are so happy. this list is SO sweet. my favorite is probably the one about you taking fast showers just so you can put your ring back on... to cute! :)
enjoy your happy moment... we are so happy for you!
Jenna said…
Awww Lauren! What beautiful memories/details from that day. So excited and happy for you and Justin!
whitney said…
YAYAYAY!! i am sooo excited for you two!

i can't wait to read the story! and how perfect that you were the sweetheart years ago and now you are forever his sweetheart!!

relish these days!!

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