my experience: no heat curls, round two.

a couple of weeks ago, i tried out a popular technique for no heat curls & achieved what i would call satisfactory results (which means i thought it was cool, easy, different, & i liked it - but wasn't obsessed). i was pleased with the shape & dimension of the curls produced, but the frizz situation left a bit to be desired. i thought i would try to remedy this problem, by wrapping up my straightened, de-frizzed locks for the night.

here's what i woke up to:

as you can see, my hair is straight.

in fact, it looks exactly like it did right before i wrapped it up. the only difference - and it was not a huge one - was that my hair had a bit more lift at the roots. 

all-in-all, i definitely think my hair needs to be in its natural, curly/wavy state before i wrap it up, in order to achieve the desired results. as for the frizz factor, i'll just have to combat that on a case-by-case basis, with smoothing creams, leave-in conditioner, & other such products.

(photos: photobooth)


Scooter said…
I've done this before! Try putting a de-frizz product in your hair when it is wet and blow dry it until it is mostly dry but not straight. It helps take out the frizz and your hair will be more likely to curl.
you are SO beautiful! :) i've never tired this before, it looks great on you!
Whitney said…
I love doing the no-heat curls, when your hair was straightened did you spray water at all in it? I did it after I had wore my hair straight for a day but I had to get it a little damp.

Jennifer said…
I've been trying to do different kinds of no heat curls and none of them look how I want.. Like barely even wavy.
linz marie said…
when you showed me the next day that it didn't curl, I didn't even think about having your hair damp before the no-heat wrap! Good thinking previous commenters :)
Deidre said…
As some on with for serious curly hair, this is not something I had tried, but I love the concept so simple! I also enjoy that you could rock the rolled up look as a hair style?! I mean, I would.
I totally wish I had your hair! Mine is curly and frizzy! And I'm constantly in a battle to get it straight! :)
Elle Sees said…
have you tried my wavy hair tutorials? I did 10 of them! half heat, half no heat.

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