on weekend anticipation.

the doors finally open out into the real world.

you're crunching down the gravel path, & you know you're free.

the key clicks into the ignition, the engine roars to life, & the car lurches forward.

toward home, toward comfort, toward that quiet kind of productivity

with whom only early saturday & sunday mornings are acquainted.

the first five, those called work, always have an unfailing ability

to take that steady confidence - that easy assurance - and remind it of its sure & certain place.

but the promise of the last two, those called weekend,  is enough.

like a parent, ever-equipped with unconditional love,  

the weekend greets you with open arms.

clickings of keyboard, rustlings of paper - silenced.

you sigh. you breathe. you think.

you relax.

(image: tumblr)


Meagan Shack said…
I feel like this about weekends too.
this is written so beautifully! happy relaxing weekend, love!<3
linz marie said…
This is perfect. Cheers to the weekend and cheers to YOU!

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