friday's fancies #11: black friday, fire-side.

friday's fancies #11: black friday, fire-side.

this week's theme for friday's fancies over on {long distance loving} is black friday. truth be told, i don't really do black friday shopping. it has never really appealed to me: hour-long waits to get into stores, hour-long waits to try on the not-so-heavily-discounted items i may have had to fight to claim... you get the picture. i did go black friday shopping once at polo in dallas, & that was actually nice. maybe next year i'll give it another go. but this year...

if i had my way, this year's black friday would be spent with a fire in the fire place, in front of a movie marathon (preferably including the holiday), with justin. since he is in north carolina, this idea will have to stay hypothetical. but if that is what i were doing today, i would want to wear this precious phillip lim reindeer merino wool-blend sweater. i think it's the perfect amount of festive & cozy, which is perfect, since the christmas season officially begins today. for the past few weeks, i've been transfixed by black denim skinny jeans... there's only one problem: i don't currently own any. i plan to change that soon, but for now i'll just pretend these paige black verdugo ultra skinny jeans belong to me. along with the disposal of my 3-year-old uggs in a recent closet purge, comes the yearning for a new pair. these bailey button bombers would do the trick. 

merry christmas season!

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Mary and Dyer said…
omg that deer sweater is too cute!! Love it!!
I adore this outfit! I have those Uggs in chestnut and I highly recommend them!
Jenn :D said…
Oh those uggs!!!! Great, now I want those on my christmas list too!! Hehe great outfit!
Yeah no thanks Black Friday! I love this cozy outfit :)
Val Fox said…
Oh yeah we were on the same wavelength for sure this week! Same brand of jeans, animal sweater and soft boots! I love it!! =D Make sure to have your movie marathon by the fire when your man gets back!
J.Ashley said…
love the ugg boots
that sweater is the cutest! speaking of boots, [love the uggs] got me some black ones yesterday! so excited about them! :D
Mae said…
so so cute! love that sweater. that is the perfect theme for this time of year!
thanks for visiting, happy to have found your blog! following now
I agree- movie marathons in front of a fire with someone you love is time well spent! i'm so loving that christmas sweater... looks so comfy! i just bought a pair of black skinnies from forever 21 and i love em! Hope you are enjoying the weekend :) Thanks for stopping by my blog!
Stephanie said…
Your idea for Black Friday sounds great to me!!!!
Elle Sees said…
now this is just about perfect! cozy and comfy, indeed
Grace said…
Honestly, your black friday plan sounds quite nice! That sweater is pretty cute, too!
great choices!!! very adorable items... enjoyed your blog, following you now, hope you could visit my blog too..kissess!!!
great choices!!! very adorable items... enjoyed your blog, following you now, hope you could visit my blog too..kissess!!!
Ivana said…
Love that cute sweater, it would be just perfect to snuggle in :)

Happy Sunday honey!

xx Ivana

Stop by sometimes :)
Style in the City
Amanda said…
Love that sweater! Too cute!
left you a big blog award on my blog, dear:) hope you can do it. you deserve it<3
Nikell said…
A cozy fire, a good movie and that super cute sweater is a good combination!

Have a fabulous week,
Nicole said…
that shirt is kinda super awesome. and holy cow i LOOVE your ring in the previous post's photo! wow!

April said…
Love love love that sweater you picked. This is definitely my Black Friday kind of style - just do online shopping! It's so much easier and makes your mailbox happy!

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