thank you.

in the spirit of thanksgiving (yesterday), i thought it would be fitting
to send out a few thank you notes, to recipients
who are often forgotten in the hustle and bustle of life...

dear diet coke,

thank you for being fizzy, bubbly deliciousness.
for tasting better than full sugar coke.
for being zero calories.
for making me feel like you are a treat.

dear boots,

thank you for inspiring the killers to write a song about you.
for snuggling up around my legs & working well with tights & socks to keep them warm.
for being cute.

dear bed,

thank you for offering a kind of comfort that cannot be matched.
for providing the perfect place for watching movies.
for being fluffy.
for being the perfect balance of warm and cool.

thank you for being so much more than something i wear on my feet.
thank you for being a safe haven.
a signal that the day is done & i'm safely at home, free to do everything i want. or nothing at all.

dear smell of coffee,

thank you for helping me burn the midnight oil.
for making me think i can do anything.
for giving me that rush of confidence. of drive. of creativity.
thank you for energizing me.
for making starbucks feel like home away from home.

photos: i am in starbucks with kara & these were taken with photobooth


you are so beautiful, dear. your jewlery is lovely. {i see that engagement ring! ;)}
i finally got me a peppermint mocha frappe from starbucks early this morning in the midst of the black friday bustle. it was much needed at 2 A.M. :)
hope your thanksgiving was wonderful, friend!
Anne588 said…
If they don't open a Starbucks in my town soon I'll have to move or I could open one here. I should write them an email!!!
Eliza said…
haha, I just love this!! :) Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving weekend, dear. xoxo, eliza
Lauren said…
I love this. probably because I appreciate all the same things. especially my bed and boots. best things ever.
haha i give the same praise to my dc! always there when i need a boost:) following now xx

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