starbucks sunday: the madness has begun.

i'm starting off this starbucks sunday morning with an extra hour of sleep, thanks to daylight savings time, & a big mug of non-starbucks chai latte 
(i know... i wasn't sure if that was allowed until i decided that it was). 

with the whirlwind of last week came getting engaged, justin's job getting chosen, lots of craziness happening at work, & trying to get organized so that i can plan my wedding (YAY - the excitement still hasn't worn off), while still staying sane & being able to do everything i enjoy in my life (like blogging!). 

so, i thought i'd share with you some of the tasks i plan to tackle this week. i still have to sit down & put pen to paper for the finer details, & i'm sure this blog will be a further platform for me to reassure myself that i am, indeed, organized & i am, indeed, not a slacker. 

i saw the pictured books while shopping at francesca's on friday during lunch break with lindsey. i absolutely love little books like this. i'll probably end up going back to pick them up.

1. help justin pack for his big move
2. try to come to terms with the fact that my fiance (eeee! still weird to call him that!) & i 
will be living states away from each other for months out of our engagement
3. start planning out blog posts for november
4. begin my wedding diet & exercise routine
5. go grocery shopping to facilitate above-mentioned routine
6. talk with my parents & decide a final guest list count
7. add more to my inspiration binder
8. make a grad school application plan & stick with it
9. perfect & post my engagement story
10. relax

... and that's just the condensed version. 

you know what? i always thought i'd be one of those people who didn't get stressed about wedding planning. but boy, was i wrong. that couldn't have been further from the truth. my mom even had to say to me, 'lauren... you haven't even been engaged a week. you need to calm down a little bit.' 

and i think it's time to start taking her advice. getting organized is key.

it's time to allow myself to feel the feeling i want to feel: pure excitement.

(photo: iphone)


i can't wait to read your completed engagement story! this is gonna be good! ;)
hooray for excitement! i hope you'll find the way to enjoy it and not feel stressed during this fun time in life. :)
Jennifer said…
ooohh an inspiration binder sounds FUN!
Ivana said…
Congratulations on your engagement! That´s so amazing! Now, tell me, have you really tackled all the things on your list? If so, you´re a super woman to me :)

Happy Monday!

xx Ivana
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