starbucks sunday: fuzzy slippers.

today i...

went to early church.
had french toast with powdered sugar at another broken egg.
shopped with my mom & dad (& scored some major deals).
bought the fuzzy slippers pictured above at the newly-opened charming charlie.
celebrated starbucks sunday with a tall skinny peppermint mocha.
ran two miles.
wrote a letter.
sat at the dining room table with my dad - he's doing paperwork. i'm transcribing/blogging.
was thankful for all of my blessings. 


Mary and Dyer said…
Sounds like a good Thursday! Love that you mentioned to be thankful for all of your blessings! That is what I pray with my kids every night. :) Happy Sunday!
Church, french toast, fuzzy slippers and Starbucks! Um sounds like a GREAT Sunday <3
Leah said…
Sounds like a beautiful, wonderful, blessed day! Makes me miss being at home with my family! I need to get me a pair of slippers like those!
Amanda said…
starbucks and fuzzy slippers ... such a great combo!
Joelle said…
Sounds like a good day...especially the part with the peppermint mocha :)

Jenna said…
Awww so many wonderful things! I LOVE peppermint mochas! I ordered a gingerbread latte the other day, and I am convinced it was a PSL. Is Starbucks renaming drinks?? Lol
Elle Sees said…
Sounds like my kinda when can I come over? I want the same drink fr S.bucks
Ivana said…
Beautiful post! And those slippers are so adorable!

xx Ivana

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Hope to see you back there soon :)
Style in the City
charming charlie's is awwwwesome! wish we had one in this girl's town! mmmhmm, love me some peppermint starbucks<3 and family. :)
Sarah said…
I love the picture! And, I'm loving your blog!

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