Sunday, November 20, 2011

starbucks sunday: weekend snapshot.

cheers to a relaxing weekend! 

what am i cheers-ing with, you ask? well, i'll tell you: a tall gingerbread latte. and yes, you read that right: no 'nonfat' for this girl - i wanted my latte creamy & delicious - albeit fattening - today. 

i blame my recent calorie-counting spree for this wild incident of diet neglect. i'm still playing around with my wedding diet & exercise plan - i haven't yet found the perfect combination of the two, but i am hoping to make some strides with that this week.

enough about diets - anymore talk & i may be forced to visit krispy kreme after church...

friday. after this week of extreme ups & downs, i was pleased to fill my evening with a buttercups pumpkin spice cupcake, as well as a second-night-in-a-row viewing of breaking dawn part 1, this time with the long-lost & beloved anna claire.

saturday. the relaxation continued, as my mom & i visited les boutiques de noel & picked up some treats & gifts. as manheim trilled in the background, we inhaled scents of sugar-coated roasted almonds & fresh fudge. nothing gets me in the christmas spirit quite as much as shopping - and visions of huge tulle christmas wreaths doesn't hurt, either. the afternoon saw me napping for many more hours than i should have. a much-overdue conversation with justin wrapped up the evening, leaving me happy. 

sunday. the day of rest definitely lived up to its reputation, with a sleep-in until 10:30 a.m. then, it was off to pick up some so graciously gifted couches (which i adore). after a bit of cosmetics shopping & a starbucks sunday celebration with my mom, i am brought to this moment, sitting in front of my laptop in the dining room, thinking of all this week will have in store. 

it's time for some new beginnings, some healthy behavior, & some joy in simple, productive days.

and now, it's off to church.


Jenna @ said...

Awww this weekend seriously sounds INCREDIBLE!!!

And what are you thoughts about the gingerbread latte? Suspiciously similar to a PSL?

memory said...

your weekend sounds best. what's life without straight-up starbucks each week!:)
hooray for naps, chocolate, coated nuts, fudge, mom's and phone calls!

Stephanie said...

I got the buy one get one free holiday drink yesterday afternoon from Starbucks!!!

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