Wednesday, November 30, 2011

love lists: november.

2. working out as much as possible.
3. reading pride & prejudice at every free moment.
4. my revlon colorburst lip butter in raspberry pie.
5. my new hair routine.
6. thinking about north carolina.
7. wedding planning - & finally setting a date!
8. staying up way too late to watch gossip girl.
9. remembering my carolina summer.
10. wearing my hair in top knots.

photo: from my carolina summer, taken with point & shoot


Marli said...

yay! too fun!

Lauren said...

i was up far past my bedtime last night for gossip girl. i am too invested in chuck/blair's relationship! i cannot stop watching.

Ashley said...

Your engagement ring is to die for. Gorgeous! Also, I've been wanting some lip butter- raspberry pie sounds lovely! :)

memory said...

i love high up buns in hair! my family would def agree that it's prolly one of the ways i wear my hair most often! :)

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