on travel.

there's something about travel that always feels romantic to me.

packing my belongings up into luggage, setting out on the open road, & hurtling forward into the unknown.

and that is what justin will be doing tomorrow morning - only, this destination isn't a vacation... it's a new home. and while i'm staying behind for now, to put all the pieces into place & make even more plans for the future, i look forward to the day that i'll head east toward him - toward our new adventure together.

(photo one - false river in new roads, louisiana; taken with iphone
photo two - the state of north carolina; found here)


Jennifer said…
How long will you be behind?
linz marie said…
I thought that dock looked familiar! I can hear the bitter-sweet emotion of your words. We all wish him the best in getting that city ready for you to join him :)
i absoultely love that picture! reminds me of good times at the lake:) awww, you sound so lonely! please don't be :((
Ashley said…
Traveling is so romantic, I totally agree. Sorry tomorrow is bittersweet, but just think how happy you'll be when you make the trip, too! Definitely an exciting new adventure :)
good luck on your new adventures togethers!! nothing better than doing it with the one you love
bananas. said…
that's got to be tough to be separated...but knowing that you'll be together soon, i'm sure, helps.

to new and exciting adventures!

happy weekend!
just tututiny said…
Oh - I know you guys will miss each other greatly but will be united soon so hang in there. My hubby 's work took him to GA for 2 months and we missed him dearly but now that he is back we cherish him even more. Distance will makes love grow ;) Have a great weekend my dear.
Denise Pacurar said…
This is a beautiful picture! Good luck on your new adventures! As hard as it's gonna be to be apart, you'll be reunited soon!!

xoxo Denise

Nicole said…
wow! happy moving! happy settling in! happy adventuring in a new place together!


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