miscellany monday #6: currently.


reading pride & prejudice. i haven't read it since high school, & i'm falling in love with it all over again. it feels different this time, though... kind of like when you watch a childhood movie as an adult, & you discover things you never noticed before. yes, i'm loving this process too. this selection is for our november book club meeting, which i will be hosting & need to start planning - i'm excited!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letterswriting letters. and everything besides what i am supposed to be writing. i really need to work on my grad school application. that is a big goal for this week.

thinking about all the upcoming events i have to look forward to... friend dinner, breaking dawn with the future in-laws, and finally seeing my long lost love, anna claire. also, upcoming road trips: jackson this weekend & white castle/baton rouge next weekend!
smelling coffee, christmas in the form of scentsy, & my birthday perfume, benefit's my place or yours gina. needless to say, all delicious smells.

wishing for things unsaid.

hoping that justin's first day of work (today) goes well. and to get all of my workouts in this week, as well as to finish a christmas project.

wearing my engagement ring, because it finally returned from getting sized, on friday. i haven't been able to stop looking at it. i love it. and my new eggplant sweater, which i am also wearing today. also, new eye shadow (a dupe for the too faced natural eye palette). and a revlon lip butter in raspberry pie.

loving all of the people in my life.

wanting sushi.

needing to relax. i believe the source of a lot of my problems right now is stress... & that should be completely avoidable & manageable... but unfortunately i do NOT handle stress well.


LOVE Pride & Prejudice!!!

And I am so excited for Breaking Dawn!! :)

Hope you are able to get all your workouts in this week!
i wrote some notes last night too. sounds like your place is smelling fantastic! happy monday, friend!
What a fun idea for a post, I love this! I just found your blog (and am your newest follower!) and I'm so glad I did because it's super cute! Have a great Monday! xoxo
Jenna said…
Pride and Prejudice is SO much better the second, and third, and fourth (...) times around :) It's funny how every time I read it, I overlook certain things!

I just had sushi Saturday night. Amazing.

Happy Monday Lauren!
carissa said…
so, mary demuth sent me a copy of her "11 secrets to getting published" and in it, she says to write. anything. the more words the better. letter writing counts! : )

i have yet to read or watch p&p. isn't that tragic?!
I re-read The Giver not too long along and was overwhelmed by how amazing it is!
Ashley said…
I really need to get around to reading Pride & Prejudice! I'd also love some sushi right now too :)
Stephanie said…
I am so with you on needing to relax and to try and manage stress better. It's tough!
Ivana said…
I totally relate to everything you wrote! I mean, Pride & Prejudice? Breaking down? Sushis? Want want want! :)

Happy Thursday sweetie!

xx Ivana

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