blanks #1.

usually i like to keep posts down to one per day around here.

but, when i realized i had yet to participate in 'fill in the blank friday' over at the little things we do,
i knew it was time to whip out a second post for this lovely friday.  

1. a nervous habit I have is picking all the polish off my fingernails. i really know how to ruin a manicure.

2. something that makes me sad is the way people treat one another. let's all be sweet to each other. 

3. today I am thankful for showers. and i can't wait to take one after work. i went to the midnight showing of breaking dawn part 1 last night, & i didn't wake up in time to shower this morning. i know i'm going to feel so much better after it.

4. my favorite room in my house is the dining room. it is recently remodeled, & the walls are a cool, serene, gray color. it is so peaceful in that room - i love to take my laptop in there, sit at the table, & write.

5. i can't stand being told what to do. that makes me sound like a child, but it's true.

6. if I had an extra $100 to spend on whatever I wanted today I would buy boots, skinny jeans, & makeup. yes, magically, all of that will only cost $100.

7. the last person I hung out with was my future in-laws, when we went to see the movie last night.

happy weekend!


i wish people would be nice to each other too. we have some neighbors that live down the road that are constantly screaming at each other... ON THEIR PORCH... where the whole world can here them. and they don't use pretty words either. so sad.
Katie said…
I'm sure my mani, pedi, facial, and massage will only cost 100 bucks too. :)
Sheri said…
I LOVE your answer to #2. So sweet. I wish people were kinder to one another too. xo
And I hear ya on the $100, I would need a lot more for what I really want. hhaha...not that I'm being greedy or anything.
: )
Enjoy your weekend!!
Love that you went to see the movie with your in-laws! How special to be able to do that ;)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
i know nothing about twilight stuff... but it sounds like your future in-laws are pretty cool to have gone to the see it with you and at midnight. : )

girl, yeah, if only somehow magically all that stuff could cost $100. i cannot believe how quickly things add up these days. and it's getting worse by the minute. thankyouverymuch inflation.

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