thanksgiving snapshot.

this thanksgiving holiday was one that i am already missing terribly on this tuesday-after-the-fact. i spent time with family & friends - watching the holiday & just friends on repeat the entirety of those four lovely days, watching my favorite thanksgiving episode of gilmore girls, walking to the park with my dad & sister, girls' night out of shopping & dinner... it can all be found here, in my little photo montage. 

the only thing missing from this equation of holiday festivities was my sweet fiance. it just wasn't the same without justin, & i missed hanging out with his family & playing cards games - one of my favorites of their holiday traditions, even if i'm not very good at it. but that just gives me even more reason to anticipate the next big holiday on the horizon, when we'll finally be together again... christmas!

photos: iphone, point & shoot, photobooth.


Stephanie said…
All I keep thinking about was how excited I was last week at this time. I hate the holiday let down.
Natalie said…
I love what you put together, it looks like such a fun day (minus missing Justin). So good that you get to spend Christmas together! Thanks for sharing your Thanksgiving with us!
whitney said…
i think you are just adorable and i can't wait to read all about your wedding. because i think it is going to be amazing.

that's all.
Ashley said…
Your holiday looks amazing. So cute! I also watched The Holiday twice over the break :) Definitely a fave.
you are so pretty. i love seeing photo's from your thanksgiving, it looked like you and y'all were having a ball. ;)
i love card games! and i can't wait till christmas.
Jenna said…
What a perfect Thanksgiving! I'm not sure I've seen the Gilmore Girls episode and now I feel like I must!! And you've reminded me that I need to get "The Holiday" next time I stop at my parents' house :)

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