a family shower, in photos.

tomorrow i'll be sharing thoughts on my wedding shower this past saturday,
but today i'll be sharing a compendium of photos from the event.
i greatly enjoyed this shower, & i think the photos will be
all the proof you need to see an excellent time was had by all.
like i said, thoughts coming tomorrow...

photos: family wedding shower \ iphone


Cheryl Enlow said…
Gorgeous! And that dress looks amazing on you!
Such cute pictures! It looks like you had a wonderful time!!
Jennifer said…
You look beautiful! How fun! I wish I'd had a shower.. Lucky girl to have such great friends and family.
What fun photos you captures on the wedding shower! So fun! xoxo
you look so pretty and happy! i love, love your outfit!
so anthro said…
What an amazing time! I love your dress and you look so lovely and happy!! Cheers! :)

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