i remember.

words can't really describe the kind of sadness i feel on a day like today.
it is a wistful kind, making me yearn for simpler days, days free from fear.
it is a kind that makes my heart hurt for those lost, & for those left behind.

but with that sadness, comes thankfulness.
thankfulness to be alive, to be safe, to be free.
and with that thankfulness, the urge to love fiercely.

i will always remember.
and that memory will push me to be thankful for every day.
every breath.

photo: southport, north carolina \ iphone


Jess said…
It's definitely times like these that we remember to be thankful for what we have. thank you for your lovely post.
his little lady said…
beautiful image and beautiful words! we must be thankful out of this sadness!
xo TJ

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