thoughts after the tasting.

I'M ONE lucky girl: between friends' weddings, bachelorette parties, & now a tasting for the food at our reception, i have been traveling up & down the great state of louisiana like crazy. and, you know, i am insanely busy. and there are times that i get overwhelmed. but when i take a deep breath & really think about it, i know that i'll always look back on this time of twelve-mile-long to-do lists both fondly & nostalgically.

this past friday, my mom & i jumped in the car, hit the interstate, & traveled once again down to south louisiana, exiting i-10 right before going over the big bridge into baton rouge. my dad couldn't make it - our air conditioner broke the night before, & the animals couldn't be left alone in an increasingly warm house.

we left early, knowing there was an lsu home game that weekend, knowing the probability of traffic. but that day, it was clear skies & clear roads to match. and when we arrived early, we decided - ravenously - that we needed something to eat. so, we stopped at sonic for a snack of popcorn chicken & french fries. and as we sat & ate, i reflected on how silly it was that we were eating before a tasting. i laughed to myself.

and then, as the distance between us & the place
justin & i are getting married - in a little over a month -
grew less & less significant, it hit me:

i am getting married.
i am getting married at nottoway.
i am getting married at the place i've always wanted to get married.
i am fulfilling my 11-year-old, off-handed, that's-a-million-years-away, wish.

i couldn't - really couldn't - be more grateful. or anxious. or excited.

and i don't really think it'll feel real until the day arrives,
though i know i'll continue having flashes of clarity, of reality.
but for now, i'll just wait.

photos: the rotunda at nottoway \ iphone

*oh, & the food was delicious. and the soundtrack, equivalent. i'll soon be sharing.


Young at Heart said…
oh my....too exciting...excitement can make one very hungry I find!!
CONGRATULATIONS!! (I figured I'd write in all caps to offset your lack thereof. ;)
Stephanie said…
What a great post! It made me smile to think how exciting this time is for you and Justin!!
mandyface said…
Being away from each other is KILLER. Ryan went on a two year church mission while after we started dating and it was sooo hard. But we've been reunited for a long time and I can't imagine what it would be like being separated when you're engaged. It'll pass though and then you'll have what is sounding like your dream wedding! SO happy for you!
linz marie said…
love these photos! I am thrilled for you. How amazing to have always wanted to get married at a particular place and watch it unfold into reality these last few months. I can tell you are treasuring every moment. love you. Linz

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