thoughts after the shower.

i'm not certain, but i really don't think there's any feeling better than wearing a bright, sparkly, billowy dress to your wedding shower. as if you don't already feel special enough that day, the added bonus of feeling like the belle of the ball just pushes your excitement quotient over the edge. 

this past saturday, as i flitted from room to room, speaking to this guest & that, nibbling on petit fours, i realized: these are the pre-wedding moments i'll treasure. and with each shutter click, i stood tall in my purple suede stilettos, feeling proud of the festive outfit i pulled together the day before. 

i can't really adequately express my gratitude to kara, julianne, & jennifer - my hostesses - or my mom & dad - huge facilitators of this beautiful brunch - or the many, many folks who traveled - some for hours, others a single neighborhood block - to celebrate with me...

but as i lounged on the couch, post-party, sipping on one of the remaining mimosas, my mom, kara, anna claire, & i recapped events of the day while michael buble warbled on about love in the background. as the conversation wound down & we all fell into hushed, exhausted silence, i looked at the folds of bright orange chiffon puddling onto the couch beneath me, & thought to myself: today is a day i'll always remember.

photo: my party dress \ instagram 


I meant to tell you, you looked fabulous! This post is so lovely. My first shower is this weekend and I must say, I am now positively giddy about it.
Well stated. I still remember all my showers and what I wore. Ha. I put a lot of thought into the dresses I wore to my showers. (silly I know!). What an exciting time!! Soak it all up girl!!
Stephanie said…
You will always remember your shower! That's how I feel about mine...such a fabulous memory from our wedding journey. I love your dress!
Nat said…
So well stated!! Enjoy all of these little moments because they go by so fast!

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