a wilmington wish list.

here's a little list of things i hope justin & i can get
around to doing as we wrap up 2012 in our brand new city.

1. eat some delectable sea food at catch. justin was lucky enough to try this place out with one of his coworkers last week. his excitement over how great the food was, was all i needed to hear: i can't wait.

2. get our apartment decorated. want to see the design aesthetic i prefer? i think it's best described as ecclectic romantic. check it out here.

3. go for a long run at my park. i have been stalking hugh macrae park ever since justin started interviewing in the wilmington area. and now that i've researched it online a bit, i can tell it's already so much more than i could gather by peering into it from oleander drive. i can't wait to run, walk, & explore in this park.

4. go christmas shopping at mayfaire towne center. although my experience with this cute little shopping center is limited to a delicious meal at tokyo 101 & admiring all of its shops [& starbucks!] as justin & i cruised down military cutoff road, i already know i am going to feel at home there. absolutely cannot wait to pop into its j.crew or ulta... & to discover some new favorites. oh, & they have a barnes & noble. and a bath & body works. need i go on?

5. ride the ferry from south port to bald head island & see old baldy, north carolina's oldest standing lighthouse. have i told you about my love of lighthouses? no? well, i love lighthouses.

6. play a round of golf at one of these places. and by play a round of golf, i mean ride in the cart while justin plays a round of golf. and also, try every once in a while to hit the ball [and actually make it go up into the air, instead of it rolling like a bowling ball across the grass].

7. attend church services at some different places. we are hoping to get more involved in our community once we are both back in the same place. i think church would be a great way to meet & get to know some people!

8. get starbucks sunday & go for a stroll on the beach. no explanation necessary.

justin, i hope you're gearing up to take on all of these activities once we're back in the same city.
and after we complete these things, we'll be making a 2013 wilmington wish list! get excited!

photo: wilmington \ instagram

*special thanks to megan from my wilmington nc - great, helpful blog!


I wish I had a beach to stroll on!! I nominated you for the Liebster Award. Feel free to participate if you want. I hope you had an awesome weekend!
Jayme and Mendi said…
Love this post! I want to visit Wilmington and it's not that far from Richmond VA so I should put that on the list. Enjoy exploring!!

Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings
Nicole said…
You're so much closer to me now! We need to meet up for dinner or...Starbucks! :)
What a fun list!! My family has a beach house close to Wilmington (in Oak Island, NC) so I'm up that way quite a bit (in fact I'll be there this weekend!) but ive never actually been to Wilmington! I really need to make the trip!
Morgan said…
This is a great list! Sounds like you have a lovely year ahead!
Young at Heart said…
ooh sounds like a plan!!

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