wishes for this weekend.

- to catch up on this girl's blog. and this one. and this one. and this one. and, many more.

- to go here & sit, laptop present in order to carry out my first wish, & sip on one of these.

- to cruise on the boat out here. summer days on the lake are such a fond family memory.

- to finish this book & get started on this one.

- to make another to-do list regarding this event, probably focused on the tasks mentioned in this post.

- to go on a long run & enjoy scenery like this.

- to go through the favorites i've saved here & catch up on the articles i've collected.

- to find myself planted firmly in this mind-set.

honestly, i just cannot express my excitement over the
hopefully relaxing & productive weekend that lies ahead.


You have a fun & relaxing weekend planned! Have a great one!

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