two months!

MONDAY WAS quite the landmark for me. monday marked exactly two months until my wedding day. and, you know, it's the strangest thing... ever since justin & i got engaged last october, time has been doing the strangest slow-down-speed-up things.

with the tedium of each week came the same sentiment:

will my wedding day ever arrive?

but then, with the close of each month, a different point of view was consistently expressed:

oh my gosh! seriously, only _____ more months until the wedding? how will i ever manage?

and that cycle went on & on until one day when i woke up & it was august. august, as in, two months until the wedding, august. and i'd say where has the time gone? or wow, this has gone by so fast! but i think i have explained the time warp, in detail, above.

if you would have asked me two weeks ago how i thought the wedding planning process was coming along, i probably would have given you a face. but - truthfully - as the RSVPs roll in, as after-parties get planned, & as detail after detail falls into place - i find myself relaxing a little bit more, & - dare i say it - enjoying it a little bit more.

something tells me i'm going to be one of those people who aren't really going to relax until they've made it down the aisle [or at least to white castle], but i can't tell you the feeling of pure relief i've developed in the last couple of weeks.

it's a breath of mental fresh air. and, boy, did i ever need it.

here's a little list of remaining tasks that have been sitting heavy on my mind. any thoughts, comments, or suggestions regarding these things would be greatly appreciated!

1. a good string quartet to play before, during, & for a little while after the ceremony.
2. finding a good florist. i know exactly what i want; now, i just need someone to execute it.
3. how to word invitations to an after-party. we are having a very small wedding, but are holding a party in honor of our friends upon our return from the honeymoon.

there are a million other little details, but those are the big kahunas that are left over as of now. next time i discuss wedding-related items, i'll be a mere month away! and i'm sure the craziness will really be kicking in at that point...


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