Thursday, August 2, 2012

love lists: july.

admittedly, july has not been a month of endless new beauty products. and you know, those are the kind of months i really enjoy. but, this month has certainly been good for a bunch of other reasons...

<----- oh, and here's a little post-it note i doodled earlier.

1. the tame nude lip.
i can't tell you how off-putting i find milky-white, dead-nude lips. for that reason, i've shied away from even attempting this particular lip look. but this month, i had a pinky-nude revelation, & i like it. here's my nude lip trick: apply very little product. this allows your natural [alive-looking] lip color show through with a healthy glow. a little gloss & you're ready to go, still looking like you have a pulse.

2. cover girl 'fairytale' lipstick.
i heard the hype surrounding this product, & i just didn't buy into it until i found this in my sister's makeup drawer. i will be wearing this shade to my cousin's wedding this weekend. need i say more?

3. lubriderm soothing relief daily lotion.
nothing - absolutely nothing - makes my skin feel as good as this lotion does. shout-out goes to justin for suggesting this brand. it was a great choice.

4. wearing my hair up.
maybe this was a result of starting my job in a medical setting. maybe i'm lazy. either way, i've been rocking an up-do almost every day, & loving every minute of it.

5. the cadillac keurig that dad has up at the office.
i have a soft spot for fancy machines that give me coffee.

6. gilmore girls.
reverting back to an old familiar favorite, & it feels so good.

7. bodycology toasted vanilla sugar lotion.
at a cost of next to nothing at your local target, this lotion that smells good enough to eat is a steal!

8. wearing scrubs every day.
another result of working in a medical setting, this uniform takes the stress out of morning-time madness.

9. the pearl studs i won in twirling clare's giveaway.
these babies barely leave my lobes. classic, over-sized, go-with-anything goodness. that's what they are.

10. motivation.
it's on, it's off, it's on again. right now,  all i care about is the fact that it's on.

see other favorites here.


Samantha Shepherd said...

i adore everything on this love list! what's not to love about coffee, gilmore girls, and lipstick?!

Ameera (أميرة) said...

Gilmore Girls!!!!!! I just sent my DVD's back home with my mom in preparation for my big move and they will be sorely missed :) I miss wearing scrubs everyday. They were my wardrobe safety net for a year.

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