a little girl named libby lou.

ON SATURDAY, my family welcomed a new addition to our home. of course, i've been calling her new girl, & now i can't stop. is new girl an appropriate name for a pet? i don't really think it is.

we found libby lou at petsmart in bossier, as the pound puppies are brought up there nearly every saturday morning in the hopes of them being adopted & brought home with their new families. we met lots of precious puppies that day, but when we rounded the corner & saw her, my dad & i knew she was the one.

she has a very, very chilled out temperment. if you want to hold her, she will stay still & nudge you every once in a while with her nose. put her down, & her tail wags non-stop. she is very observant, & will crane her neck in order to take in her surroundings. she is a very smart girl, & we are really loving getting to know her. and we think she is genuinely happy to be in her new home.

though i gather from the photo above that she did not particularly care for her first bath. [but she needed it].

photo: new girl's first bath \ instagram


I love that you're calling her New Girl. I find it a highly appropriate name for a pup! haha.

Congrats on the new addition!
Nikell said…
She's a cutie!! At least you're calling her something. Our little dog did get a name for a week when we first got her. we couldn't decide what her name would be. We finally settled on Minnie.

Have a fabulous week,
Stesha said…
awwww so jealous! i love this little puppy, she is perfect and yes you can call her new girl!

Aw how awesome!! I love that you adopted a pound puppy! Remember that show? Hehe

Anyways she's adorable!!
Rima said…
awww too cute.
i've always want to get another dog, but maybe later once me and Rob get hitched. starting new, you know... esp my Chimmy dog doesn't get along well with other dogs. boo.

Suze said…
libby lou!! cute cute cute. She looks and sounds like a very sweet dog. Congrats!
how sweet. new girl, that's so cute.
Jenna said…
Congratulations on your new family member! She looks ADORABLE!! First bath pictures are the cutest- Ellie has that same pathetic look on her face in hers! Lol One of my best friend's names is Libby, and we call her Libby Lou, so I adore the name choice!!! <3 Congrats again, Lauren!

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