starbucks sunday: relaxation currents.

OH, HOW i miss starbucks sunday posts!

oh, how i miss drinking starbucks on sunday!

it has been entirely too long since i've enjoyed either one of the above. so, behold: currents brought to you on this lovely, lovely sunday after a truly rejuvenating weekend of rest, relaxation, & productivity. oh, and the drink i'm currently sipping? none other than a tall caramel frap, of course!

reading graceling. still. and i'm getting a bit fed up with myself that i still haven't finished it. i just haven't been giving myself enough time to sit down & read lately. i guess that's what happens when you're working full time, planning the last details of your wedding, & working out as much as possible. it's ok - i'll get back into my reading groove soon!
writing as much as possible. i've really been loving the written word lately, rather than grappling with it like i have been in previous months. i may just be getting inspired...
listening to the hum of the air conditioner outside. it's cold in our house, & i love it. as anna claire has pointed out before, 'you could hang meat in here.' i like bundling up. especially when it's summer, & i'm missing the chilly months, which have grown to be my favorite.
thinking i'm really happy with the way my diet & exercise programs have been going lately. i'm going to add pilates into the mix this week, which always makes me feel so great.
smelling caramel frap. and loving every second of it. i'm also smelling the 'bar hair' that's sitting on top of my head, reminding me of my time in a smoky bar last night. and hating every second of it. the smelling of the hair, that is. i had fun last night!
wishing days were made up of 36 hours.
hoping i continue to feel rested, motivated, encouraged, & inspired.
wearing a very long blue & white striped dress. and a brown cardigan. and smoky bar hair, piled on top of my head.
loving that i attended the gem & mineral show yesterday with my parents. not only did we check out all the interesting wares, i also scored some rocky road fudge & more pink sapphire earrings to add to my growing collection. i can't express my love of pink sapphire jewelry - all i can say is, it makes me happy. oh, & i'm also loving the fact that i'm looking forward to going to work tomorrow. that is something that very rarely happens to me.
wanting to be in the same place as justin.
needing to drink more water.
feeling content & rested, but also anxious about what i should be doing. it's a strange feeling, & i don't particularly care for it.
clicking her new leaf's entire blog. i think it's just the amount of pep my blogging step is in need of recently.

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Rima said…
i love love love this list (i think i said this before)
can i join in?
Jenna said…
I feel calm and relaxed just reading this post!! So happy to hear how well everything is going :) Especially with your writing inspiration!
Suze said…
I recently found your blog- and love it!

Sounds like things are going well for you- I love your "hoping."

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