lunch time currents.

reading graceling... still. it's not that i don't like it. i just can't get into it enough to sit & read for hours. i need to wrap it up, though... because the september book club selection is where we belong, by emily giffin.
writing immense wedding to-do lists. we're getting organized & are ready to tackle the remaining tasks!
listening to the hum of an office at work.
thinking that i really hate politics. and that it's total crap that gas prices are about to go up simply because there is a hurricane.
smelling my coworker's cup of coffee, sitting on the desk beside me. and it's making me anticipate the coffee i'm going to brew shortly.
wishing for a complete accept/decline list for the wedding.
hoping that hurricane isaac leaves my family's & friends' houses alone - in fact, that he will leave everyone & everything alone.
wearing scrubbie scrubs. and sperry's. and fall-time nail polish.
loving my family. and friends. and how they are always there to help me.
wanting to find out if we are still going to be able to trek to gulf shores this weekend. if that isn't going to work out, i think dallas or hot springs would be fun.
needing to guzzle water today. i'm off to a decent start.
feeling sore from working out. and proud of that fact.
clicking this post by wily brunette. and this one. and i have been reading & re-reading this post on ashore. those girls never disappoint & never fail to inspire. thank you.

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Nicole said…
yay you made it into a linky!

good luck with the accept/decline list...I swear some people will just 'forget' to send them in and expect you to know their rsvp. so annoying!
A said…
Yay for fall time nail polish! I just got so excited!
A said…
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A said…
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How fun! You want to go to Hot Springs? I live about 30 minutes from there & we go all the time. It really is a fun city:)

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