the view.

i'll be totally honest - in the last few weeks, i've found it almost impossible to be creative. and trust me, the reason in itself isn't even creative: we've all heard the ever-familiar sob-story of 'i've been moving,' 'i've been starting a new job,' & 'i have a lot going on in my personal life.' and let's face it: the tired recitation of such excuses isn't impressing anyone.

while on a mini vacation in new orleans this weekend, i told myself it was time to buck up & start enjoying everything going on in my life as of late & stop complaining about not having any down time.

down time - i still remember a time - long ago - when i didn't require any. and while now i know that couldn't be further from the truth - while now i know that giving myself time to read, recharge, & relax is one of the best things i can do for myself - i realize there is a balance to be found in all of it. an important balance, without which i'm either lazy or frazzled.

one of my dearest friend's weddings is this weekend, & then comes my very own bachelorette party, a family shower, & then my big day. and how i want to enjoy these times without the restraint that stress sometimes forcibly provides.

when i feel myself going to that place - that place where stress prevails - i just close my eyes & picture the scene from the photo above - the view i'll have as i get married.

and let me tell you: the view from there is so, so sweet.

photo: the view \ iphone


That is one sweet, sweet view! And yes, I've definitely been there with the slew of excused. You're right: time to enjoy today. Hope you have a great rest of the week!
I'm also stressed about everything on the horizon! It is VERY hard to live in the moment when so much is going on, but this is a great reminder. And what an amazing view!!

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