friday's fancies #40 + a little note.

friday's fancies #40: care for a french tee?

tomorrow i will be spending a considerable amount of time
in the car, & if it were up to me, this is what i'd be wearing.


ever had those days, weeks, what seems like months, of time when you have no inspiration, even though you're really trying, really wanting to be creative? i've been trying to stick it out, trying to just push through. but today, it felt nearly impossible. i've decided to take the little wedding weekend i'll be embarking on tomorrow morning, to really let my brain rest & recharge. i hope i come back next week with a renewed love of writing, love of creativity, & a little more juice on which to operate. here's hoping. 

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Chris said…
I am digging on this Oh La La top!
jeands said…
I've been seeing a lot of this top in the blogsphere lately and I'm loving it! I love your choice of shoes too, perfect!

happy weekend!
Nicole said…
Those shorts are great!
I'm digging the t-shirt for sure. Looks like you have the perfect "comfy" outfit for in the car. Have a great weekend.
Lindsay said…
Such a cute sweatshirt...I chose a shirt by the same designer! :) I love the oxfords with shorts too!
Love this outfit! It will be awhile before I get to curl up in a sweatshirt here in NC though haha. Enjoy your weekend!
ashlyn williams said…
really loving that shirt! i keep seeing it everyyyy where! & cute clutch!

happy weekend
Nikell said…
Such a cute tee! I love the color combo too. I'd never thought of doing that blush pink with cute.

Have a fabulous weekend,
I LOVE that top and those shorts. I need both in my wardrobe, now!!
so anthro said…
I LOVE THIS. How great are those Zoe Karssen tops?? Adore this whole look!!

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