friday's fancies #41 + friday's letters.

friday's fancies #41: roadtrippin' every weekend.

I HAVE to tell you: i felt extremely qualified to participate in this week's friday's fancies theme, which is - obviously - roadtrip. why? well, i have been on three road trips in the past five weeks, so that makes me a pro in roadtrip attire. and, of course, for each of those road trips, i could be found dressed a chicly as the above [yeah right]. we all know that comfort is the main ingredient for those long hours in the car, & i think this striped burberry prorsum t shirt perfectly fits that bill. it's cute, but i can just tell by looking at the photo, that this shirt is ultra-soft. could there be a more perfect article of clothing for a roadtrip, than denim shorts? i don't think so. these rag & bone the cut-off denim shorts are seriously cool. i may be in love. but my love of this burberry prorsum earlsburn leather tote cannot be topped. the day i add one of these to my collection will be a happy day indeed. i also love the understated elegance of the vera wang lavender lara round toe ballet flats. they take the outfit in a more grown-up direction than some of the sandals i was considering. and, really, no outfit is complete without a little bit of accessorization [is that a word?], so i went the funky route with this alexander mcqueen skull charm leather wrap bracelet. all in all, this outfit is a big winner in my book. roadtrip, anyone?
dear justin, i miss you. dear kara, i miss you. dear laura, i miss you. dear loved ones who don't live in shreveport, i miss you. dear friends, thank you for the ultimate twenty-sixth birthday celebration. dear self, you absolutely will follow your diet & exercise plan next week. after all, your bachelorette party is right around the corner. dear bridal party, i absolutely cannot wait for our trip to gulf shores next weekend. i love you girls & can't wait for some serious r & r on the beach. dear readers, speaking of my bridal party, be on the lookout for a feature in which i'll profile each of my ladies - coming in the next few weeks! dear self, let's make twenty-six the best year yet. dear weekend, please be good to me. dear nottoway, i can't wait to see you again!

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jeands said…
these ensemble is really perfect for road trip and looks comfortable too. I love the shirt too!

happy weekend!
Nicole said…
Roadtrips are my favorite :) And I love that shirt!
Cute look Lauren! I hope all has been going well for you this summer xoxo Have a great weekend!!

Twirling Clare
Jayme and Mendi said…
I want this outfit...NOW!!! I love it! I wish it was going to be a little warmer in San Francisco when my husband & I head there in a week and a half. We half two road trips planned up and down the PCH and I'd love to be in an outfit like this, but their weather is a little too chilly for that. Boo.

Hope you have a great weekend!

xo ~
Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings
Allison said…
Love this! And I agree that bad is amazing! I've also been roadtripping a lot this summer... nice to have a few weekends at home recently but I'll be back at it next weekend!
Nikell said…
I love that top and bag!! Perfect road trip pieces. You're right, that top does look ultra soft.

Hope you had a fabulous weekend,
alongobucco said…
Flats are perfect for a road trip--perfect outfit!

The Glossy Life
you do seem like a road trip veteran, this outfit rocks!
you do seem like a road trip veteran, this outfit rocks!

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