justin's new job.

well, the truth is, while i am here in shreveport wrapping up the plans for this event,
he is beginning his brand new job in  our brand new city. he is working hard, &
i am missing him like crazy. and, let's be honest, i am jealous he is now posted up
in our brand new apartment, 10 minutes away from the beautiful, rural beaches of this place.
i hope the next few weeks fly by, so that i'll be headed back with him to wilmington & all that is in store for us there.

justin, good luck today as you start this new chapter of your career.
everything that has happened up until now has been a blessing in disguise,
bringing us to where we wanted to be all along. i am so proud of you!

photo one: wilmington \ iphone
photo two: justin & me \ instagram


Gosh, that's gotta be tough being apart during this time. But cheers to you for having a great attitude about it and staying positive. Hopefully these next few months will go by quickly (though at a steady enough pace to wrap up plans, of course), and then you have forever to look forward to! :) Best of luck to your honey at his new gig!
Young at Heart said…
how very very exciting....good luck!!

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