Tuesday, July 24, 2012

on working in a medical setting.

i haven't really written much about this, which is why you may be wondering how it is that i am living back in shreveport & working for my dad. long story short, justin & i decided it would be best for me to come back here for the summer, to finish wedding planning & also to work for my dad while one of his employees is out for a while. i'm really enjoying being in my hometown, but i miss justin & hate that we are doing the long distance thing again. october can't get here quickly enough!

i haven't yet finished writing out my career saga [read part one here & part two here], but suffice it to say that i have dealt with a lot of indecisiveness & confusion while trying to determine what i want to do with my life. throughout all of this drama, i have always found myself drawn to the medical field. with a physical therapist for a father, a nurse for a mother, & a physician assistant for a fiance, it's not hard to draw conclusions about why i feel a pull toward this kind of career. but i'll save all of those hairy details for another day.

by this time, i have been working for my dad in his physical therapy clinic for a total of one week & two days, & to say i am loving it is an understatement.

i'm constantly on my feet, & yes, they hurt. but i'd take that over sitting behind a desk any day.we are really busy, & yes, sometimes it's overwhelming. but it's also rewarding.

last friday, a patient brought in the little makeshift bouquet you see pictured above. and all day - through all the cups of coffee, all the foot-aches, & all the rooms i turned over in between visits - i kept glancing at those bright red flowers & remembering the bigger truth: this is all worth it.

photo: flowers from a patient \ instagram


Dee {Strings and Buttons} said...

I'm sorry you're having to be away from your man. My husband did that for a while and it was definitely stressful. But October will be here faster than you think! BEst of luck with your work in the meantime x

Chris said...

They say that you if you do what you love then that's all that matters!

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