songs i can't resist while working out.

i'm definitely one of those people who has to have music while working out. it's my driving force. that song comes on, & suddenly i'm elliptical-ing as fast as my legs can go. suddenly, i'm adding an extra five pounds to that weight machine. suddenly, i've decided another thirty minutes of cardio won't hurt.

like i said, i'm a music-at-the-gym person, for sure.

today i want to share with you a little playlist of tunes that i haven't been able to skip - even on my worst-music-ADD-ever days. perhaps you'd like to add them to your ipod's workout playlist. perhaps you'd like to click on the spotify or grooveshark playlists below & get your groove on as you clean the house. either way, i hope you enjoy these tunes as much as i do.
one thing - one direction
lines in wax - flux pavillion
come together - the beatles
infinity guitars - sleigh bells
i got - three 6 mafia
comeback kid - sleigh bells
pork and beans - weezer
let's go - trick daddy
crown on the ground - sleigh bells
mr. brightside - the killers
good - better than ezra
what you gon' do - lil jon and the eastside boyz
california dreamin' - the mamas and the papas
more than a feeling - boston

listen on spotify here.
listen on grooveshark here.


Diana Mieczan said…
I've been loving Bruno Mars lately. His songs totally motivate me to work out:)Have a great day. xoxo
Betsy said…
an extra THIRTY minutes of cardio? no music is that good. haha!
These are so great! I always love Michael Jackson, Taylor Swift, or Kelly Clarkson for working out. An ecletic list I know... :)
Stephanie said…
Great list!!!!!! I'm subscribing to it on Spotify! :)
Ivana said…
This looks like such a fantastic playlist! I need to do something similar for me, I usually work out to Linkin Park, their music is punchy enough to keep me going :)

xx Ivana
Macarons and Pearls
Mellie Lorissa said…
I may steal the playlist! I either listen to Pandora: Country Fitness Radio, 80's Cardio Mix, or Eminem Radio.
Ashley said…
I've never heard Sleigh Bells before...but I've been needing some good music lately. Need to check these out!
I totally love each and every one of these songs...when I workout I usually listen to fast rock songs that will get me nice and However, I NEVER let screamo onto any of my playlists. Gross. Love this post!
CoverGirl + Converse
Cara said…
I love hearing others gym playlists! I'm very Top 40 pop centric at the gym, and anything Girl Talk or Aerosmith...random I know. Going to look into these Sleigh Bells tunes though!

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