parcels from paris.

there's no question about it: my sister knows me.
a coffee cup from the louvre.
a french copy of dracula.
an inky navy & cream summer scarf.
she couldn't have brought better gifts back over the atlantic with her.

as i settle into my shreveport summer routine, 
kara will be drafting a post reflecting on her 
parisian travels, which i am excited to share!

read more about kara's adventures in paris:

photos: european pressies from kara \ iphone


So so neat! I adore that coffee cup.
Chris said…
You're sister hooked you up! So sweet... and that scarf looks darling!
I love this! I love anything French, so this post definitely just made me smile :) My brother is going to Europe this summer, but I highly doubt he'll bring me back anything at all...

Tiffany said…
You speak french?!?!?!?! So jealous!!!!!!!

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