kara in paris: the grand mosque + saint eustache.

in recent days, i've taken to firing up facebook in the early afternoon & checking out the photos my sister has uploaded, chronicling her adventures in paris that day. the photo above was captured at the grand mosque, where there is beautiful mosaic tiling. yesterday, she featured some breathtaking photos of saint eustache, which have me jonesing for a paris trip of my own, if only to tour this beautiful church.
a note from kara about saint eustache:

'there were hardly any people in there. when we went to notre dame, it was practically wall-to-wall people. the fact that saint eustache is so beautiful (even more beautiful in my opinion than notre dame) and it was practically empty in there was astounding. i enjoyed it because i got to admire it in peace and quiet without people pushing past me. it's definitely a place that everyone should go.'

i find that the sheer size of saint eustache is amazing. as my mom pointed out regarding the photo above, 'the people look so small.' as i spoke with my mom on the phone about these photos, we marveled at how long ago this structure was built, as well as the lack of modern machinery - you've got to give the builders credit for creating something so large, without modern-day conveniences. the whole idea of it is immense.

read more about kara's adventures in paris:

photos: the grand mosque & saint eustache, paris, france \ courtesy of kara


Betsy said…
I can't look at photos like that without remembering my Medieval Art & Architecture class, which I took when I studied in Paris! it was sublime - your sister is very lucky! Hopefully you'll make it over soon too :)
Wow, these photos are gorgeous! Your sister is so lucky...I love visiting historical places like that. Thanks for sharing!
CoverGirl + Converse
Ashley said…
I love FB/Twitter/Blogging for this very reason. Love keeping up with all these photos!
linz marie said…
loving this series and that picture of the shoes and tile?!? to die for!!

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