friday's fancies #33 + friday's letters.

friday's fancies #33: lounge.

i know what you may be thinking...
and yes, i know it's june.
yes, i know it's summer.

but the truth is, with the kind of week i've had, i couldn't even bring myself to virtually wear something  cute. pathetic, right?... well, however pathetic it may be, nothing would please me more this weekend than to curl up on my cozy couch, in my chilly air conditioned apartment (here's where the sweater comes in), watching how i met your mother & eating ice cream. and drinking coffee. and eating muffins.

and luckily for me, situations are dictating that that very well may be what we do this weekend. the only downside? i won't be rocking an outfit as cute as the one pictured above. well, at least, i think the outfit pictured above is cute.

when justin peeked over my shoulder as i was putting this look together, he asked,

what, is this week's friday's fancies the grandpa edition?

super. apparently i've had the kind of week that has turned my fashion sense into that of an old man.

dear readers, if you can spot the gilmore girls reference in this post, i have no doubt that we would be best friends. dear laura, i'm still excited about your new blog. dear dad, happy father's day weekend! i wish i was in town to celebrate with you. thank you for always being an excellent role model and an excellent source of support, as well as teaching your kids to have an unfailing & unusual sense of humor. dear justin, i am proud of you. keep up all of your hard work... & keep treating your patients right! dear self, you have come a long way in your blogging journey this week. don't forget all that you've learned, all that you want to be, & all that you hope to accomplish. dear kara, have fun traipsing around europe. and don't forget to bring me a floral print scarf. or a small cross body bag. and yes, i do have a random, specific european wish list. dear europe, please treat my sister nicely & send her back in one piece, please & thanks. dear weekend, i love you.

wednesday - love lists: may.

here's to a relaxing, restorative weekend!

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Ivana said…
Such a lovely post! I love your friday letter, and I'd love to know what else is on your random European wish list :)
And I would LOVE to spend my weekend in that cozy and cute outfit...a girl can dream :)

Have an amazing weekend!

xx Ivana
Macarons and Pearls

Cheryl Enlow said…
I love the comfy look. Makes me want to snuggle up in bed with my dog and watch some TV :)
Haha, oh my gosh, no!! It IS super cute/comfy looking. Every girl gets to have a day (weekend) off, so you get cozy and relax!

Hopefully the days will get brighter for you :)
Amanda said…
I think I could live in this outfit! So cozy!
Haha I can definitely relate to this outfit! I will probably be wearing this next weekend (this first weekend I will not be traveling in a month).

BTW confession.. i have every season of gilmore girls on dvd and have watched them all a million times... gotta love a good gilmore girls reference lol
I love the outfit and it makes me wish we didn't have 100 degree days here continuously until October! Have a great weekend!
Cara said…
I think we have the same weekend in mind, I'm hoping to do next to nothing this weekend. I'd love to do nothing in this cozy ensemble, especially that shirt and sweater! Hope you have a relaxing one!

P.S. At least your husband knows it's Friday's Fancies, mine keeps calling it Friday Fashion. :)
I'd totally wear that! It looks so comfy! And thanks for you super sweet email!! I really appreciate it and APOLOGIZE for not getting back to you sooner. But thank you. Your words meant a lot to me :)
Amy Shaughnessy said…
That is so funny. That sounds like something my husband would have said. (About the Friday fancies...) Hope you have a great, relaxing weekend!

Bonnie said…
This outfit is very cute. So fun and girly.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88
Jayme and Mendi said…
This looks so cozy & your weekend plans are perfect! It sounds like you totally deserve some R&R. Enjoy!!

Mendi & Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings
Meggan said…
You are so cute! I would LOVE to wear that while eating ice cream and watching How I Met Your Mother! Perfect chic relaxation outfit :) Have a great weekend.
Nikell said…
I always enjoy reading your Friday's Letters. Your outfit makes me want to curl up with a hot cup of tea and a good book on my it!!(^_^)

Have a fabulous weekend,
Clare Christine said…
What a darling and oh so cozy outfit!! I would love to be cuddled up in that sweater. Also, such a sweet note...I love your letter fridays. I would love for you to stop by and enter my pearl earring giveaway! I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Twirling Clare
Nicole Rene said…
hahaha just looking at this outfit makes me sweat since our ac is already broken lol but if it were winter I would so wanna wrap up in this under a comfy soft blanket :) and haha at the grandpa style lol
If you want to be comfortable, you might as well look good doing it. This is more grown up than my pink robe.

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