the summer i craved dark polishes.

as i was perusing the beauty aisles at wal mart the other day 
(a favorite pastime of mine here in kinston), 
i noticed there were quite a few polishes i was looking at & thinking, 
you will soon be mine. not today, but soon
i thought i'd put together a little compendium of them - 
perhaps aiding you in your own quest for laquer love? 
some of them are admittedly off-season, but humor me here, ok?

the summer i craved dark polishes.

like i mentioned before, i realize the faux pas i'm committing
by letting dark, sparkly polishes dominate my wish list,
especially at the very beginning of summer time.
but i just can't seem to help myself.
maybe i'll just have to give bright polishes a rain check for now.


Ashley said…
I'm with you. I especially love that polish on the left!

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