wedding shower: a preview in photos.

here are a few photos from the kitchen shower that laura & her mom threw in my honor last weekend.

more photos & details coming this week!

photos: kitchen shower at the b residence \ instagram


Everyone looks so happy! (and stylish!!)
Ashley said…
Love these photos!!!! Looks like a great time.
So pretty! And you ladies look gorgeous!!
Melissa said…
You look stunning! I can't wait to hear more about your shower :) xo!
Stephanie said…
What cute photos! You look adorable!
angie said…
Aww you all look so lovely!
Cara said…
You all look so beautiful, love your pom corsages/clutch accessories!

P.S. - love the idea of your critique cache! I need to remember this for July!
Sam | ashore said…
Lauren, this looks like just the sweetest shower for a southern girl. I love weddings because there are so many days to celebrate!
Aw looks like fun!! A bunch of my friends just got engaged, so I will definitely be taking notes on how to throw a fun shower!
Rain Aroma said…
your pictures are adorable. how fun!!

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