love lists: may.

here are the products i've been picking up over & over again in the month of may!

1. sally hansen diamond strength no chip nail color in 420 nude shimmer.
this is a great neutral for summer time! it has a bit of iridescent shimmer to it - i think it's a really fun shade. thanks to emilynoel83, of beauty broadcast, for mentioning it. 

2. got2b fat-tastic instant collagen infusion mega lift root boosting spray.
i love using this product to give my hair a little bit of extra lift at the roots. i favor this over dry shampoo on my clean hair, because it doesn't leave a residue that - ironically - makes my hair feel dirty when it's freshly washed.

3. aveeno active naturals skin brightening daily scrub.
this has been a favorite of mine for almost an entire year now. this light scrub is great for every day use - it exfoliates & gives my skin a healthy glow. 

4. cetaphil gentle skin cleanser.
there's a reason everyone swears by this product - it is SUCH a great every day cleanser. mine lives in my shower, & i use it first thing when i get in. it is good at removing makeup (but you made need to use a makeup remover wipe on the eyes - it isn't fantastic at removing mascara) & is extremely gentle.

5. caress evenly gorgeous exfoliating body wash.
this body wash smells so great - it's warm, sweet, & relaxing. the exfoliating 'crystals' are large - so this scrub is a bit on the harsh side; however, i use it every time i shower. i will be re-purchasing this soon, as i am nearly out.

6. bath & body works fragrance mists in sensual amber & coconut lime breeze; body lotions in sensual amber & coconut lime verbena.
i can't get enough of the sensual amber scent - & you may have guessed that from some of my previous favorites videos. buying the fragrance mist was definitely a smart move. i love spritzing it on before bed (and all the time, really). coconut lime verbena has been a summer favorite of mine, so i was heartbroken when i popped in to bath & body works to replenish my supply & found they no longer carry it; however, coconut lime breeze is an excellent replacement, so i picked up the fragrance mist in this particular scent. yum!

7. lola, by marc jacobs.
this perfume is quickly becoming a staple in my fragrance collection, right there along-side burberry brit. thank you to my sister, kara, for introducing me to this warm, sweet, delicious perfume! favorite.

8. coastal scents 88 warm palette.
the credit for this purchase (over two years ago now) goes to my all-time favorite youtube beauty guru, meganheartsmakeup. i have gotten an inordinate amount of use out of this palette, & it's still going strong! even though i am more a fan of cool eye shadows, this warm palette is something i reach for again & again. 

9. nook color.
justin has absolutely spoiled me rotten by buying this for me! i love it so much, & i tell him that often (he's probably tired of hearing me squeal over it). it took a lot for me to give into the hype surrounding e-readers: i'm one of those people who likes the smell of a new book. however, i decided to give it a go, & i love it. thank you, justin! 

10. my low-lighted hair.
with my wedding coming up in october, i wanted to go a bit more natural with my hair. when i was in shreveport at the beginning of june, i had an appointment with my long-time hair dresser (cathy aitken at just friends hair salon), and i asked her if we could darken it up a bit, so it'd look more like my natural color. my hair really loves me for this decision - it looks & feels healthier. i love it!

honorable mentions: 

avon green flash quad.
at my shower a couple weekends ago, my future mother-in-law gave me this palette, & i adore it. look for it in my june favorites video!

laura's blog, little louisiana.
nothing makes me happier than when one of my in-real-life friends starts blogging! one of my oldest, dearest friends (who actually thew me the shower i mentioned above), has started a blog! YAY! go visit her here. she's just getting started, & i can't wait to see what she writes about. 

into watching vlogs?
check out my corresponding may favorites video here, or simply click below to watch!


Anonymous said…
#8 and #6 are on my list too! coconut lime in particular :) don't forget my giveaway ends tonight
Jenna said…
Looove all of the beauty products you mentioned in this post! I think I'm going to try out the root boost. I've had such a hard time finding one that gives me nice lift so I'm very eager to try this one out! :)
Melissa said…
#2 is one of my MUST HAVE products. I have super thin hair, so each day before blow drying I use it as well as bumble + bumble thickening spray so my hair has as much volume as possible while I blow dry upside down, haha. Then I use Big Sexy Hair hairspray to have a hope of it holding all day.

(confession: I may have travel sized versions of all 3 in my car....)
Ashley said…
I use Cetaphil face wash as well. Love it!
Nicole Rene said…
ummmm you are too cute! Loved the video! :)
#1 & 7, need a new top coat, the ins I'm using I'm not really happy with and I love MJ so I'm sure I'll like HHS purfume!!

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