friday's fancies #35 + friday's letters.

friday's fancies #35: beachy chic.

with two beach-front bachelorette parties on the horizon [one of them being my own!], this week's dream outfit would be a perfect addition to my summer-time wardrobe. how chic is this 50s-esque swimsuit? i haven't worn a one-piece since i was a little kid, but i'd gladly try out the style if this suit was in my arsenal. while reading laura's blog the other day, i had the pleasure of discovering these beautiful, whimsical prada baroque shades. i think they give an additional nod toward the vintage feel of this look. this bright yellow, flowy, over-sized helmut lang string tank would be perfect to throw on when heading to & from my spot in the sand. bright red manicured toes would really pop against these classic valentino flip flops. as for sun protection, you'll always find a nice sunscreen in my beach bag. the floppy hat adds both style & protection - bonus! this little collection has me totally pumped up for the festivities to come!
dear wedding planning stress, i am about to start working with you, not against you. with a little over three months to go, we are going to have to work together to bring all of this together. dear apartments that we are touring on sunday, please be everything we want you to be. you look absolutely adorable, hold the promise of what looks like a great community, & seem to be everything we want. can't wait to see you in person, so i can stop stalking you on the internet. dear self, thank you so much for getting in gear, working out, & losing weight! you're finally starting to reach your goals! dear readers, i have gotten some of the very sweetest comments EVER in the past week. thank you for continuing to encourage me to pursue my dreams.
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This suit looks so fun and I love that large sun hat!!
What a classic, classy look!

Good luck with the wedding planning and the apt search!
JKT said…
How fun is that suit?! I LOVE it.
Chris said…
Good luck on the apartment search! I hope the place is everything you want and more. Don't be too stressed about wedding stuff... try to enjoy each moment because once you're a Mrs. you might get wedding blues... that's when you're sad because wedding planning is over. So enjoy it all now! Have a great weekend!
That suit and that hat are amazing! I love the black and white and how classic it is. And, of course, paired with those sunglasses! Such fun finds :)

Hope you have a great weekend!

Nicole said…
That suit is so cute!!!
Ashley said…
OH wow. I am in love with that suit. I'm a one piece girl all the way!
Lindsay said…
Um...I love this. That suit! It's absolutely amazing. You would be quite the bathing beauty in it. Love it paired with the yellow cover up and red polish!
Anonymous said…
What a fun suit!! So vintage pin up!
jeands said…
the suit is so pretty and with that yellow cover up equals perfection. The shades is a fun add on's too.
That suit is so retro and chic! Love it!

Le Petite Pear
Amazingly chic beach look! I wouldn't want to go in the water in that suit! Hang in there with the will all be worth it!
Nicholl Vincent said…
Loved reading this!


have a great weekend!
Nikell said…
Those Prada sunnies and that hat scream glamorous!! Love it (^_^)

Have a fabulous weekend,
Umm ADORABLE outfit! Might be my fav so far!!! The sunglasses and one piece are amazing!

Good luck apt hunting!! That definitely stressed me out as well but finding the perfect place is worth it :)
Lindsay said…
That suit and those Prada shades are just perfect for eachother! Great outfit!
Cara said…
What a fun swimsuit! I love the vintage feel of it, and the accessories you picked really round it out. That yellow tank is the perfect pop of color!

Good luck apt. hunting this weekend!
Stephanie said…
I'm in love with that suit. And the glasses? SO cool!!
Love that suit!

Good luck with the apartment searching! Countdown in on for the wedding, so exciting!

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