Thursday, June 21, 2012

kara in paris + my random european wish list.

my sister is in paris, france! i am extremely jealous of her, but also extremely excited. luckily, she has been able to upload some photos to facebook, so i thought i would share some of them here. while she's there, i plan to share little updates here & there about what she's doing & where she's going.
above she can be viewed jet-laggedly posing in front of the fontaine de saint michel. not only is this kara's first trip overseas, it was also her first experience flying. ever. she describes the jet lag as follows:

'hopefully i will feel normal again soon & not like 
some monster who feels like they're constantly swaying.'

from what she told me, it sounds like she has quite the picturesque paris experience mapped out. i can't wait to write more about her adventures, & of course, share her photos [and let the jealousy continue].
my random european wish list.

that's right. when my sister asked me what i wanted her to pick up 
for me while she was off galavanting in paris, i responded:

'a light, floral print summer scarf... or a chic, vintage cross body bag.'
photo: fontaine de saint michel, paris, france \ courtesy of kara


Jess said...

Oooh maybe I will see your sister on the streets of Paris if she is still there next week? Oh la la! I can't wait!

Melissa said...

The scarf at the top left? That is my DREAAAAM! Great choice, and I'm dying of jealousy from your sister's trip!

Chris said...

I would have totally requested one of each! My cousin came back from Paris a few months ago and she brought back the loveliest scarves... i snagged a white one with tiny camel colored hearts!

Ashley said...

Why is your sister in Paris?? So exciting!

Unknown said...

I so want to go to Paris-I was invited to go with a friend last month all paid for but it was during exam time :( My bf and I have said we will go one day :) Lovely wishlist

Tanesha x

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

How awesome!! What a lucky lady!

And I am LOVING that black and white bag!

Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings said...

Oh bet your sister is having such an amazing time!! And hope you get some great souvenirs from France! :-)

Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

Emily grapes said...

Love the scarves!! I wish I would have gotten me one when I was there. I went last year and I was terribly sick the whole time and ended up having a miserable time. :( but I kinda wish to have a redo, only in the spring/summer..and not the horrible brutal winter.

hopefully she gets you a real pretty one!
Emily at Amazing Grapes

Aspiring Kennedy said...

I hope Kara is having a wonderful time! Minus the jet lag which seems to convienently get better the day or two before you are set to return home and experience it all over again.

Fun fact about the Fountaine de Saint Michel, for the longest time recently there has been a traffic cone on top of the head of the statue.

trishie said...

You have so many lovely things on your wishlist. I want a light floral summer scarf too!

Unknown said...

Lovely wishlist! Hope your sister found you the cutest scarf!

Ivana said...

I LOVE your European wish list, I would pick exactly the same items! Can't hear more about your sister's Parisian adventures :)

xx Ivana
Macarons and Pearls

Vanessa said...

Your blog is so organized and aesthetically appealing... I wish I had your blogging skill! Everything looks fantastic!

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